[Flash Fiction] Jealousy

Icy stalactites hung from the ceiling of the devastated room like jagged teeth ready to devour. She stepped over the frozen debris—bricks crushed into frosty cubes, a lone chair wheel spinning aimlessly—and approached her ex-lover pinned to the wall. An icicle jutted out from each of his shoulders.

“Oh honey, I was always the stronger one.” She cupped air in her palms and turned her wrists outward. Her ex-lover screamed as the icicles twisted further into his flesh.

“But you let your jealousy win. You had to be the powerful one.” Another twist as his screams echoed off the cold walls.

“Honey, let me show you true power.”

© Jade M. Wong 2017

Credit: J Hardy Carroll

A late submission for Friday Fictioneers because I didn’t finish it last week. Word Count: 110.

A standalone sequel to Red Glass & Crystals and Traitor’s Gate

And so we finish the story of our badass heroine. Hope it was worth the wait!


27 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Jealousy

  1. I’m trying to break into the world of (very) short fiction, and if this post is any indicator, you have writing tiny stories down to a science. Well done. Your sentences are clear, bold, and concise. This story leaves me wanting to know more! Well done indeed.

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    1. Oh wow, thank you for such an awesome compliment! I think writing short fiction is a skill like any other, and practice really does help you hone it. I’m on my way to check out your blog and writing now 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow this is coming from a dark place Jade. I hope its just fiction and a flash of a story. But if someone did you wrong then I would be happy to help twist the icicles deeper. I secretly like revenge stories so I loved this. Like how she is so sweet and calm. And he is pinned to the wall.

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    1. Worry not my friend, this is purely fiction. But I think all my writing has some basis in my feelings and experiences. Still, my heart warms knowing you have my back! ❤

      I’m glad you like the contrast in her and her ex-lover here. This is our kind of revenge story, hmm? 😉


      1. always have your back! and especially in moments like this, we all write a little bit of our experience and I think like me you do layer your stories so no one will really guess it, I love that about you! Yes revenge! but me I prefer arsenic, so a friend who knows my passion for that bought me a thick book on just the topic! may come to good use one day!!

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        1. Yes exactly! I don’t like to be too obvious or direct with my writing. But there are pieces of my life, my love, and my pain scattered through everything I write. I think that’s why I love your writing as much as I do ❤

          Liked by 1 person

          1. i understand, i read and some words just say so much to me, i know your heart sits in them. I want to hug you and fit all those broken pieces back right in right now – love to across the miles!

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