[Flash Fiction] The Memory

Gianna snapped open her easel and balanced it on the smooth boulder. Unpacking her canvas and her various charcoal supplies, she soaked in the warmth of the sunlight seeping through the trees and the chirping of the birds beyond.

Her hand poised over the blank paper, she exhaled a deep breath and began to draw. Gentle charcoal strokes brought to life the memory she dreamt of every night for the last three years, a memory that was more wishful thinking than truth, but felt as real as any piece of her past.

As the sunlight meandered westward, Gianna continued to sketch, rubbing the charcoal with her eraser, and switching from her pencils to her thicker charcoal bars, letting the pain flow to her dirty fingertips.

At last, when the chirping gave way to the hooting of owls, an image of Gianna hugging her beloved stared out from the shadows of the canvas.

As a tear stained the drawing, Gianna felt the weight of a memory she never got to have finally lift from her heart.

© Jade M. Wong 2017

09 C E Ayr 04 June 2017
Photo:  C E Ayr
Photo: Pamela S. Canepa

Double prompt combo for Sunday Photo Fiction and Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Word Count: 175 exactly.


39 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] The Memory

  1. Beautiful story Jade! The ending was very touching! Seems she is in love with a man she has yet to meet. I’m hoping that bringing the imagined memory to life will bring him to life and she will have a happy ending!

    Liked by 1 person

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