[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Mermaids Have Wings

For a while

I had this idea
That I lived in a world
Where I was free

And for a while

There was no
Thinking about
What they thought of me

And for a while

I was exactly the self
That I wanted to be.

—Mermaids have wings, For a while—

This week’s poem is written by an Instagram poet that I follow, and is my favorite piece of everything she’s written. Mermaids have wings, which is her Instagram handle, is the name this new poet is crediting all her poetry to. 

This poem reminds me of the moments right after we wake up, when we’re still groggy from sleep and the smiles from our dreams have not yet faded. The moments when we raise our tired eyes to the sky, marveling at how impossibly blue it is, and imagine that we can fly. 

This poem reminds me that we only need to care about what we think of ourselves, that we are the only ones who need to approve the lives we want to live and the people we want to be. In those moments when the world is screaming around you, I hope you can remember that the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. 

And I hope you realize that you are exactly the self you want to be. 

Another reminder:

I’m changing the format of my weekly Writer’s Quote Wednesday feature. In the past, I used this feature as a way to share my poems that were inspired by that week’s quote.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to transfer the spotlight from my poetry to the writers’ work that I share every week. Thus, these posts will start with the full quote or poem that I want to share that week, followed by a brief afterword of sorts.

I’ve decided to make this change because I want to be able to share work from other writers and poets and give them the full spotlight they deserve. I hope you guys will like their work too! 


14 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Mermaids Have Wings

  1. Oh wow! I love this!! And I completely agree. There is no thinking about what they thought of us for we are exactly the self that we are supposed to be. 🙂

    P.S. Excited where your blog is going with these changes. Hmm.. you make me want to join your WQW. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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