[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Sweet Whispers

In loving you
I found myself
I gave up some
Of the old me
To be parts of us
And now we
Are both free

—Gina (Singledust), Sweet Whispers #5—

This week, I’m taking you to Malaysia, the fiery vibrant home where I was born, and the current home of a dear friend here on WordPress. Gina, or as you may know her better from her blog Singledust, and I clicked from the very beginning. It was like our souls recognized each other from opposite sides of the country (as I currently live in NYC), and exclaimed “ah! My friend from a prior lifetime, it seems I’ve found you again!”

A moving poet in her own right, Gina recently compiled her first poetry book, a collection of her Sweet Whispers poetry. Blending sweet love with heartbreak, her Sweet Whispers poetry never fails to resonate with me. I’m sharing her Sweet Whispers in hopes that it will transport you to that breath of a moment when there is still a sprinkling of stars in the dawn sky, and you’re safely nestled in your lover’s arms. 


14 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Sweet Whispers

  1. “I gave up some of the old me to be parts of us”- Such a beautiful line! Gina is amazing. I came across this blog while looking for some poetry to read, and I’m happy I did. Thank you for sharing and just followed! Really looking forward to reading more of your stuff! 🙂


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    1. Thank you for the follow! I’m happy to have you stumble by and I’m glad to hear you liked what you read here. Please don’t be a stranger 🙂 There’s enough virtual pizza to go around haha.

      P.S. I’ve followed you back 🙂

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