[Poetry] The Murderer

Was it I who threw the deafening blow?
Fingers clasped around the brick,
Horrified gasps leaving my lips—
That is a secret only we three know.

Or was it I who, surviving hell,
Decided this is the last blood-stained time,
Disgusted with his body in mine—
That is a secret we will never tell.

Or was it I who, desperate to save
My best friend from a life she does not deserve,
For I would rather suffer than let suffering touch her—
That is a secret we will take to our grave.

© Jade M. Wong 2017

Late to the dVerse Poetics Tuesday prompt, but it piqued my muse’s interest and I had to write something for it.

“Mugging For The Camera” Prompt: Choose one of these 1920s mugshots that “speaks to you”. You can be the person talking to us, or put the person in a poetic “Wanted” poster. Or tell us a tale in verse that “spins” around the mug shot you select. 

I chose this mugshot because it immediately sparked an idea that these three women were partners in crime. 


25 thoughts on “[Poetry] The Murderer

  1. Jade, whoa! Such a great piece and so fun to read!!! The “Murder on the Orient Express” question? Ha! Excellent piece! Kudos!
    Thank You so much for following me. I will look forward to seeing all Your new posts also!!
    The Reluctant Poet

    Liked by 1 person

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