[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Sad Girls

Writers take things that are deeply personal, things said to them in confidence, often during moments of great intimacy, and strip them down into words. Then they take those words, naked and vulnerable, and give them to the world. Yet in spite of this, writers struggle more than most when it comes to sentimental attachment. They only write about things they’ve felt deeply. That’s the thing about writers—on one hand everything is sacred to them, but, on the other, nothing really is. 

—Lang Leav, Sad Girls—

Having just finished reading Lang Leav’s debut novel, Sad Girls, my brain is currently swimming in a sea of her evocative quotes. This one in particular, located near the halfway point of the novel, resonated so deeply with me that I actually closed the book, placed it down on my lap, and took a deep breath before steeling myself to continue reading. 

There are several of these quotes sprinkled throughout her novel, and it is through these quotes that Sad Girls blends the line between fiction and poetry, and Lang shines the brightest. Thankfully, these moments help negate some of the weaker aspects of the story. Lang makes choices in her writing and the overall telling of her story that I personally disagree with, and by the time I closed the book for good, I was surprised that this was the story she wanted to tell.

At its core, however, Sad Girls is a powerful and beautiful piece, and the message that Lang leaves us with on the last page released a breath I didn’t realize I was holding the whole time.

Have you guys read it yet? Feel free to chime in with your opinions!


23 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Sad Girls

  1. I have Jade and it is so beautiful I copied so many parts I loved into my journal. I so want to write like her. simple evocative words that make the head and heart meet on a common plateau. she is brilliant, bold yet soft like spring dew on my skin. I loved your commentary. your words come from a fragile but courageous heart.

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    1. Aww I understand what you mean Gina! I’ve saved so many of her poems for my own personal inspiration and I’ve read them over and over.My favorite parts of this book were definitely where she went back to her poetic roots and gave me beautiful quotes such as this.

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      1. She has a certain quality in her writing that is hard to describe, like it floats from above and through her heart, filtered through her mind and magic appears. She really touches me with her simplicity. And you too I am sure because you also have such a tender soul that appreciates the most minute detail in life and word.

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        1. heehee I am a weird one I know! but its like I love secrets. love that people won’t know things that go deeper with me. maybe a throw back to days of fierce self preservation. I do hope you enjoy her like I do.

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          1. No it’s not weird at all. I would totally hide my darkest deepest secrets of love and hate, only to be revealed for the people I admire and love. So I think you are totally normal, assuming I’m too!

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        1. I know you do and I get to enjoy them and see where we click so easily, Lang, Ed Sheeran, the Winchester brothers, Criminal Minds hotties, ohhh, all my loves too. And I love your generous heart. If we were to meet in person we would never stop talking! It’s a little different for me, those I love deeply I want to protect I feel, it’s hard to explain really!!

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  2. I never liked her poetry. I like reading straight to the point things and reading her writing makes me feel small – a very “I don’t understand what she’s saying” feeling. I’ve always steered away. I was about to buy her novel in the hopes of understanding her better but didn’t push through in fear that her novel might not connect with me as well. I already said a lot, lol, all I want to know is would her novel be a good read for someone who doesn’t know her but would like to?

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    1. Hmm…critically speaking, I don’t think this is Lang’s best work at all (and I actually love her poetry). I mentioned in an earlier comment to someone that I did enjoy this book for what it was, but I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would. It feels and reads like a debut novel, like she’s still learning, as opposed to her poetry which I’ve always found lovely.

      My criticisms about the story (without spoilers, of course): I felt the characters were very 2D, and not as developed as they could have been. The story is like a rollercoaster: it has some really emotional and powerful highs, but it also has some questionable and draggy lows. And as I mentioned in the post, I disagree with some choices she made regarding characters’ actions and storyline. But I don’t regret reading the book. I think it was a good debut and I hope she learned a lot and will continue to improve with her fiction writing in the future.

      Er, did that help you answer the question at all? LOL

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  3. I haven’t read it yet. I honestly didn’t think I was going to read it. Her poetry books are for me, phenomenal (lullabies is one of my favourite), but as I’m not a fan of simple fiction, I don’t think I would enjoy it. Nevertheless, that quote Jade is a winner! Its exactly what I feel. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve saved it so I can go back and read it over and over.

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    1. I would recommend the book because you’re a fan of her poetry. She definitely writes like what you would expect Lang to write. But, I would suggest not to have high expectations. I enjoyed the book for what it was, but I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would. It feels and reads like a debut novel, like she’s still learning, as opposed to her poetry which is always so concise and lovely.


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