[Poetry] Bleeding Lines

I never could see her soul through her eyes—
They were thick opera curtains that never budged,
Never giving light a chance to pierce through.

But light always finds a way—
Illuminating her veins down to her fingertips,
Until every word she wrote breathed anew.

That is how I learned to read her soul—
Hidden in the starlight of her bleeding lines,
Every word whispering, “I’ve been looking for you.”

© Jade M. Wong 2017

Written for Rosema’s new weekly prompt writing challenge on Instagram. This week’s prompt: bleeding lines. Use the phrase in a poem (no line or theme limit).

Feel free to join us!



16 thoughts on “[Poetry] Bleeding Lines

  1. “but light always finds a way” is amazing! through your words her bleeding lines take a new form Jade! I am always in awe of how you choose your words that resonate with my soul, “Hidden in the starlight of her bleeding lines,” – especially this one – it’s like you could see through the plexiglass of my hidden identity.

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      1. it did very much Jade. its a lovely long weekend here. we have been visiting friends and enjoying celebrating the Eid! too much food I need a work out soon! I do hope the week ahead will be a good one for you my friend.

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