[Poetry] How To Remember Me


Do not only remember what you wish to be true,
I did not live to satisfy you.
Do not only portray me with visions of beauty,
I did not live to be known as pretty.
Do not speak of me and fail to mention my flaws,
I did not live to hear only applause.
Remember how I was both spiteful and kind,
My heart was warm, but sometimes blind.
I was not insignificant. I was not carefree.
I wore my scars both beautiful and beastly.
Do not only remember what you wish to be true,
I did not live to satisfy you. 

© Jade M. Wong 2017

Revised and re-posted this old poem, originally inspired by Mary Elizabeth Frye’s “Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep“. 


33 thoughts on “[Poetry] How To Remember Me

  1. love the inspiration and your poem in response to her words were heartfelt dear Jade. We are made up of both, good bad, pretty and ugly, the one who can recognise and love all is the one that truly appreciates the complex person we are. What do we want to be remembered for when we are gone? What would people write about us? Not much if they never really knew us. Your poem brings to mind that we should be taking time to really know people before the step away from our lives. Thank you for the lovely words Jade.

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    1. Aww, I hope so. I’d like to think Ms. Frye and all the other poets are reading our poems too and having tea parties and discussions wherever they are in the afterlife about us xD

      Thank you for the very kind words, Maria ^_^


  2. Both poems. Beautiful and true. I dislike at funerals how people can make the worst people seem like saints. Or even they make they make the people you knew well, not like themselves. Last funeral I attended was a good friend of my families I enjoyed how his flaws were a real part him. A lot of the reason he was who he was.

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    1. I understand exactly what you mean. When someone passes away, it seems like suddenly all anyone remembers is how wonderful they were or how generous, and they forget about the struggles and the pain, and I think you need both to do justice to their memory.

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