[Flash Fiction] Punishment

“56,788…56,789…56,000—NO!” He flinched as the plastic cup holding his just-counted staples toppled over and the staples in question cascaded back onto the dirt.

“Whoopsie-daisy, did I just kick over all your hard work?”

“I was almost done!” He cried, holding his head in his hands at the thought of counting them all over again.

“Yes, you were, weren’t you?” The figure dusted off the shoe he had used to kick the plastic cup. “Perhaps in your next life, you’ll think twice before murdering your ex-wife with a staple gun. Now count, my little repenting soul.”


© Jade M. Wong 2017

Photo: Claire Sheldon

Written for Friday Fictioneers

I’m not really sure why, but somehow, the muse saw the photo prompt and thought “counting all those staples sounds like a punishment given in Hell”.

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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