[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Perhaps, The Words I Wish To Hear Most

“I now know, you must endure things you cannot endure, be worn out by the things you cannot accept, that there are nights when your eyes are brimming with tears. And daresay I know… what you’ve dreamt of, and what you’ve lost.”

“I place my hand on your forehead. You, have lived diligently. Please place a hand on my forehead too. The moment one person leaves their fingerprints on another forehead and comforts him, all the frivolous things fall by the wayside, and the silence we never took advantage of while we were engulfed with desire will embrace us.”

“You’ve, worked hard, to live, to survive, you’ve worked hard to get this far. I pray that the happiest moments of your life are yet to come.”

—Jung Hee Jae, Perhaps, The Words I Wish To Hear Most—

Yesterday, at an ungodly hour in the early morning, I finished watching Chicago Typewriter, a South Korean drama about a writer living during the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea, who has been reincarnated into a modern-day bestselling author. Writer’s block, the world’s most lovable ghostwriter, and a mystery that spans nearly a century slowly come together to tell one of the most gripping stories I’ve seen in Kdramaland in a while. 

Unsurprisingly, a story about writers can’t be told without many references and quotes from famous real-world authors. It was hard for me to choose a favorite quote until the show introduced me to Jung Hee Jae’s novel, and this particular passage within the book. Thanks to amazing bilingual bloggers and subtitlers, I was able to read the english translation of the passage, and it is that passage that I want to share with all of you this week.

I know many of us have battles we fight every single day, and some days are harder than others. Some days, we feel alone in this vast world, tired of having to give ourselves pep talks and tell ourselves that it’s going to be okay.

Today, to all of you, I wish to tell you that you are not alone. I wish to tell you that you have worked hard to live, to survive, and to get this far. To all of you, I pray that the happiest moments of your life are yet to come. 


10 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Perhaps, The Words I Wish To Hear Most

  1. The first time I ‘watched’ Jon Seol quoting from the book to cheer writer Han, I too have fallen in love with the book!. I found the book available on Amazon but not with English translation! It is a good book and how I wish that I can read Korean words!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I would’ve bought the book in a heartbeat if I knew how to read Korean. Alas, just one more good reason to learn the language 😉

      P.S. Sorry my reply to your comment is so late!


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