[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] On Motherhood

I remember when your tiny hands,
Found their home in mine,
With your body resting lightly,
In between my arms,
The rush each night for more milk,
And the tricks to quieten your cries,
I remember it like yesterday,
The day- you became mine.

And the first time you said mama,
When your feet first hit the floor,
Your first tooth and first tooth gap,
My Jaan I remember it all,
When you said you hated purple,
And we fought at the toy store,
How you’d make up, saying I love you,
My Jaan I remember it all.

But they say it is impossible,
Those nine months’ all that count,
They cannot call me a mother,
Since my womb was not your house.
But I’d give up the “mum” title,
To still have you in my life.
And as great of a job, is birthing,
so is raising a child.

—Ameena K.g, (On Motherhood)—

This week, we’re moving the spotlight back onto the WordPress community, specifically onto the raw and heartfelt words of Ameena. Ameena’s blog, Randoms of a Random, was one of the first blogs I started following since I set up house in this corner of WordPress, and I’m happy to say we’re still neighbors years later.

When I read On Motherhood earlier this week, I almost teared up because it made me think of my own mother and what it might have been like for her raising me.

It made me think of all the times she helped me wash my hair (which I insisted on growing long as a kid), and the time she would spend in the mornings before school tying my hair into pretty braids. It made me think of all the times I was sick and she made me hot congee, which was our Chinese equivalent to a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It made me think of all the times we fought as I got older, how we disagreed on everything from my clothes to my future, and how, despite the fights, I never doubted for a second that I was loved.

This is the kind of impact Ameena’s poetry has on me since the first day I started following her work. Her realistic and unembellished style of writing offers the reader a chance to see the ugly truth of life, and her ability to layer emotion in her words makes for an evocative read.

Bonus! Here are a few of my favorite Ameena poems through the years:

I hope you enjoy her work too. 


21 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] On Motherhood

  1. Jade!!!! Ah. You suckerpunched me with this. Wasn’t expecting this all. To say reading this made me happy would be an understatement, you have no idea, thank you very much. You know I have a soft spot for mother’s. 💗💗💗💗💗

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  2. Thank you Jade for sharing Ameena…and thank you for choosing motherhood as your post of choice today..i am a mom of four myself…its not easy..but it is very rewarding..

    I am sure your mom is very proud of you..

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  3. thank you for highlighting her work, I read the poems , they were very heartwarming. and I loved your little story about how the poem affected you and the memories that came tumbling out from reading another person’s words, that’s the strength in writing that touches people the world over. You give such beauty to another’s words my dear friend, always!

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    1. Aw it was my pleasure to share Ameena’s poetry, and I’m glad you like her work too! 😀 I agree, it’s one of the wondrous things about writing and art in general: the ability it has to evoke memories and touch another person ❤

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  4. Oh, this is so beautiful and enchanting. The freshness of your voice is welcome to read, to hear as I read today and I look forward to more lovely poems such as this. Fanfiction is not my scene but poetry, yes, and you have lovely poems flowing out into the world.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, this poem was written by a fellow blogger, not myself, so if you enjoyed her poem, I definitely recommend checking out her blog!

      I do write a lot of poetry on my own, you are free to explore my blog as well 😀 Thank you for visiting!


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