[Poetry] The Choice

On the bathroom floor,
Glass shard in hand,
It catches the light,
Is this the end?

And the tears, they
Bounce off the glass.
Shutting my eyes, I’ll
Just make this fast.

What of the dreams
I’ve yet to dream?
What of the world
I’ve yet to see?

I lift the glass
Away from my skin.
This night, I choose
To breathe and begin.

Β© Jade M. Wong 2017

Written for Rosema’s weekly prompt challenge on Instagram. This week’s prompt: end and begin. Use the phrase in a poem, no line or theme limit.

Feel free to join in the fun here on WordPress or visit us on Instagram!Β 

Also adopted this for dVerse’s prompt: The End.Β 


96 thoughts on “[Poetry] The Choice

  1. Miss Jade M. Wong your poem “the choice” is absolutely amazing… in my opinion! You are very talented so long may it continue. I love “What of the dreams I’ve yet to dream?”… its like something I would love to come up with! Once again keep it up πŸ™‚


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  3. http://www.english.emory.edu/classes/Handbook/meter.html

    I think it is fun to use rhyming and traditional poetic metre when writing, because it is seldom used in contemporary poetry, however I get the sense of swerving in-between a broken metre and free verse in this poem. This can be a fun idea, however there is a difference between consciously writing this way and doing it out of ignorance of form.

    What of the dreams
    I’ve yet to dream?
    What of the world
    I’ve yet to see?

    This is perfect Iambic pentameter, but it is the only one of all your verses that is consistent. I’m curious if that is what you’re going for?

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    1. Thank you for that perspective! I actually wasn’t going for iambic pentameter for this particular poem. I was instead focused on keeping each line short (4 words per line) to give it the impression that each line was a breath. That’s one of the things I was aiming to convey.


  4. I really, really like this. I suffer from depression & this speaks to me. Thank you for this. I’m new to WordPress but a lot of what I’ll be writing will deal with my struggles, life, what’s going on in my mind. Follow me if you’d like πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I’m touched that you shared a snippet of your past with me and felt the poem spoke to you. I hope you kick depression’s butt every day πŸ™‚

      P.S. I’ll visit your blog right now ^_^

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