Wonderwomen, Nostalgia, & Game of Thrones

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got three words to describe summer in New York this year: Hot, Humid, Hell. And whatever temperature it is in the city, it’s always at least 15 degrees hotter underground on the subway platforms. Am I sweating? Am I melting? Am I secretly the Wicked Witch of the West

Thankfully, my inner fangirl has plenty of distractions this summer:


Remember this post when I was screaming incoherently over Wonderwoman’s brief appearance in Batman v. Superman? Guys, her movie was SO GOOD. The best friend and I walked out of the movie theater feeling so pumped, we were swearing up and down that we could take on any poor soul who dared to challenge us. That evening, we were five-feet-tall BADASSES, OKAY? 

I wanted to find a scene that I loved in the movie to share with you guys, but I couldn’t decide which one. So instead, I’m sharing her theme song which, in my opinion, really makes you feel like you can take on the world and punch evil in the face. And if that’s not the epitome of a superhero theme song, I don’t know what is.


Speaking of badass women who are standing front and center: after 54 years and 12 different (male) doctors, Doctor Who has finally casted its first female doctor! I don’t know whether to cry because I’ve been wanting this for so long, or cheer because damn it, I have been wanting this for so long.

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since its revival in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. From the moment he said “run“, I ran and never looked back. As much as I loved all the reincarnations up to now, a part of me has always wanted the chance to see a female doctor, not just for me, but for all the little girls who became fans of the show. 


For those of you who don’t know, I was a huge fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a kid, and I’ve loyally stuck onto the franchise, despite the fact that I am an adult who should be watching intelligent adult stuff like documentaries and the History channel. 

I watched the Power Rangers movie purely out of nostalgia. Ironically, if I pretended that the movie had nothing to do with its namesake and was, instead, a standalone-superhero-origin-story of sorts, I might have enjoyed it a bit more. Still, the movie did do one thing right: my inner fangirl was ecstatic when Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson (the original green and pink Mighty Morphin rangers) popped up on screen. Nostalgia, check.


Guys, for the next six weeks, part of my life will consist of waiting every week for the next episode of Game of Thrones. This is TV addiction, at its finest.

Season 7 premiered this past weekend. Am I the only one who feels super pumped and inspired to unleash some badassery into the world after watching this show? (Side note: I see “badass” is our word of the day. Seems fitting.) 


Fellow fangirls and fanboys, raise your hand in the comments and let’s rant, vent, and discuss! There’s enough pizza and drinks to go around.


24 thoughts on “Wonderwomen, Nostalgia, & Game of Thrones

  1. Awwwww. As a kid, my siblings and I both chose which power rangers we were according to the color and character. I had the honour of being pink, my sister was the yellow and my brother, being the elder one was white. Greta memories

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  2. I never watched game of thrones but on several of the blog’s I’ve read, that’s all their writing about. I will catch up by watching from the beginning this week.

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  3. This may earn me much scorn, but I haven’t seen any Game of Thrones yet. In my defence, I don’t actually watch television, as I have too many hobbies (aside from writing) to sit down for more than 20 minutes at a time.

    But I did watch Wonder Woman when it came out, and loved it! So much better than Superlame vs. Batcrap: Dawn of Boredom. Or, That-Travesty-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named

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    1. Have no fear, I will not judge you for not watching Game of Thrones. It’s probably a good thing that you have so many hobbies, it prevents you from being a couch potato. My lazy couch potato butt could learn a thing or two from you haha

      Oh my gosh YES to your entire comment about Wonderoman and Batman v Superman (but I definitely like your alternative title better. It’s more accurate and has a better ring to it 😉 )

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  4. Game of thrones…ahhh thanks to my girls i can not totally relate to you..my girls and my husband were all crazy about it…then i got hooked too..

    I am yet to watch wonderwoman…my girls been trying to convince me..i guess you just convinced me now..

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  5. I did not watch Dr Who. However, I do watch the rest. Best scene on Wonder Woman would be the time when she walked out that canal. Power Rangers is just awesome despite one part that I didn’t like. Game of Thrones… The first episode was already leaving me in awe.

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    1. I absolutely agree about that scene when she walked up from the trench. I actually surprised myself by crying in that scene; I was so moved.

      Which part in Power rangers did you not like? I found the movie to be very weak overall, but I didn’t hate it. I do love they way they designed the armor, the ranger suits look really cool to me 😀

      Oh my gosh Ally, the first episode of GoT! It was nonstop epicness! I loved everything about it.

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