[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Dreams

She turns her mind
to countless things,
then back again
where it begins.

This restless urge,
and all it brings,
to be someone—
to do something.

—Michael Faudet, Dreams—

It usually doesn’t take long for fans of Lang Leav to discover the poetry of Michael Faudet. Lang and Michael are a literary power couple who have captured the hearts of many fans, mine included, with their sweet love story and emotionally charged poetry. 

One of my favorite things about their love is how, although they keep their relationship relatively private, their love is an open book—their poems are intertwined with the details of them, dedicated to and written for each other, and shared with all of us lucky readers who get to experience a real-life love story.

I realized I’ve gushed about my love for Lang Leav’s work in past Writer’s Quote Wednesdays, but I’ve yet to shine any spotlight on Michael Faudet’s swoon-worthy words. So here’s one of my favorites by Michael. The first time I read Dreams, I was instantly struck by how much I related to it. My heart yearned for his words—yes, someone understands—and Michael cemented his position as one of my favorites. 


12 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Dreams

  1. I think this is probably the First time you like a Poet that I don’t 😁. I am actually not a fan of Michael’s poem, but nonetheless, that is a beautiful poem. I have not come across it before.

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    1. I understand completely. Michael and Lang have two very different styles, and he writes from a more graphic, for lack of a better word, perspective in most of his poems that I don’t really like. But he does have a few gems and I do appreciate how different he is from Lang. Lang is my favorite of the two though 🙂

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  2. This is great, I didn’t know he was a poet/writer. I told you I’ll tell my opinion about the book sad girls. Thank you for the introduction btw. It’ll always has a place in my heart. I was in a reading hiatus for a long time, but that book reminded me why I fell in love with books the first time. Like you said, the story was indeed Mediocre, but I feel like the story wasn’t the point of that book. There are so many things I want to talk about it, I’ll be back with a tailor made post for it. I love the writer’s quote section!

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    1. I hope you have time to check out his other poems! He and Lang write about similar topics, but I think Michael definitely has his own distinctive style.

      As for Sad Girls, aw I’m glad to hear you liked it! You’re right in saying the story wasn’t the point of the book. I’ll look forward to your tailor made post 😀 And I’m glad you like the Writer’s Quote Wednesdays! Thank you 😀

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