Jade Goes To Comic Con! Sort Of.

This post was written for Eventbrite. Concept: My Dream Comic Con. Event planners, take note! And if you ever decide to plan this comic con, I’ve heard that Eventbrite has helpful tools to register your event online and grow your attendance. I can think of one guaranteed attendee!

We were sandwiched between a little old lady with a shopping cart and Harley Quinn. Two stops ago, Harley stepped onto the train, spotted my Harry Potter cosplay—reppin’ Ravenclaw, of course—and the best friend’s Game of Thrones T-shirt—identifying herself as the Mother of Dragons, naturally—and plopped herself on the seat next to me with an excited “Hi! I’m going to Comic Con too!”

As Harley and the best friend chattered over the latest mind-blowing season finale of Game of Thrones, I adjusted my blue and bronze striped tie that peeked out from under a dark gray cardigan. The neat Windsor knot was the result of countless replays of How To Tie A Tie—Quick and Easy Steps! on YouTube and several cries of frustration. I smoothed down my matching gray pleated skirt and brushed invisible dust off my black Mary-Jane heels.

“Stop fussing, you’re giving me anxiety!” the best friend admonished. She wore her T-shirt with jeans and sandals, but I knew there were two pairs of comfy sneakers packed in her tote bag. Comic Con was huge, after all, and we’d both made peace with the fact that our feet were going to suffer. Alas, the sacrifices of a fangirl.

“This is my first Comic Con. The rest of my friends are meeting me at Javits Center,” Harley said, referencing the location where the convention was taking place. Her blue and pink dyed pigtails bounced as she talked. “We’re doing a Suicide Squad group cosplay!”

“Awesome, this is our first comic con too!” I replied. “What are you excited to see?”

“All the Marvel and DC panels, mostly. I would love to see and meet the Avengers cast! I know they attended the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, but they’re not coming to New York.”

“I know, same for the Justice League cast! I wish they were attending New York Comic Con this year,” I said, clenching my fist. “One day, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa, one day!”

“The Marvel and DC panels are going to be insanely packed though,” Harley said.

“Which is why we’re dividing and conquering,” the best friend joined in. “I’ll be going to the X-Men panel, for Hugh Jackman. He’s officially retiring from Wolverine this year. If I don’t meet him now, I probably never will.”

“And I’m going to the Marvel’s Agents of Shield’s panel, for Ming Na Wen.” I said.

“Oh, the actress who plays Agent Melinda May, right? She’s such a badass,” Harley said.

“Yes! But I’ve been a fan since she voiced Mulan. I love supporting my Asian peeps.”

“And then we’re going to meet up afterwards for the Supernatural panel! The cast usually only goes to the San Diego one. This is the first time they’ll be in New York!” The best friend exclaimed and our inner fangirls squealed.

“So much eye candy, but if I can get a picture and a hug from Jensen Ackles…” I trailed off as the daydream of meeting one of my favorite celebrity crushes took over. 

“We’re here!” The best friend shook me from my reverie as the 7 train rushed onto the 34th Street-Hudson Yards platform. Javits Center was just a few minutes walk from the stop.

When the train’s doors slid open, the Mother of Dragons, a Ravenclaw, and Harley Quinn stepped out, racing each other to the stairs leading out of the station. Sunlight shimmered off the boxy glass buildings of the Javits Center in the distance.


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