Until Next We Meet…

It is the fate of most writers, I think, to live a double life, to balance the responsibilities of Real Life with the dreams of Writer Life. Unfortunately for this writer, the Real Life Responsibilities demand extra attention and the dreams of Writer Life are just that…dreams. At least for now.

Which brings me to this post: I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from WordPress for a few months. I have a deadline of sorts to meet in my Real Life and it’s been harder than I anticipated to balance everything.

I don’t plan to be absent completely; I’ll pop in every now and then to read and comment on your blogs, but I won’t be posting any new writing for the time being. I’ll still be on Twitter—the inner fangirl needs a place to, well, fangirl—and Instagram, where I’ll be sharing lots of old poetry and occasional snaps of Real Life. I plan to end my hiatus in December, just in time for the holidays!

I wish you all happy reading, happy writing, and happy living. Until next we meet…



43 thoughts on “Until Next We Meet…

  1. I totally get it, Jade, and I think it’s healthy to take breaks and attend to other priorities without being pulled apart and getting worn out. Somehow the blog world manages and when you get back everyone is still here, happy to see you. ❤

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    1. Hi Stranger, I remember you! Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere! Yeah, it seems I picked an inconvenient time to take a little hiatus since you’re not the first blogger to return as I leave haha, but Life is all about being inconvenient, eh?

      I plan to pop into WordPress to catch up on comments and maybe do a little reading so I may cross paths with you before long. Happy writing Nam! 🙂

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  2. Farewell for now, Jade! I’ll miss your regular insights, your wonderful poetry and your enthralling flash fictions. I’m on a bit of an unofficial break myself, but still reading when I can. Hope to cross comment-paths with you! 😀

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