[Flash Fiction] Maybe

It was a taunt, wiping the rain off the window so she could see clearly through it to the empty street outside. No police cars staked out on highways looking for her. No news headlines about a missing girl, described as a quiet, straight-A student, last seen walking home by herself on the last day of school. No one talking about her, asking strangers if they’d seen her, wondering if she was still alive.

She kept track of the sunrises and sunsets with a calendar she drew on the wall. The first day he came into her room and saw the calendar, he laughed. The next day, he gave her new markers to draw more days.

Today was the 60th day since he locked her in her room, but summer vacation was almost over. Maybe, when she failed to show up for the new school year, they would look for her then.


Β© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count: 153.

My first attempt at flash fiction in over a year! The muse is definitely happy I’m writing again, even though these writing muscles still have a lot of dust on them. What do you guys think?

46 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Maybe

  1. a chilling read Jade, to be locked up against her will but I sense her fighting spirit still strong and alive, having even the smallest of routines like marking off the calendar shows she is not giving up. your muse is smiling happy, she is sprinkling new thoughts your way!

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  2. Wow, Jade, a real tear jerker! So sad to think she has been kidnapped and no one is looking for her. Reminds me of that young woman that was kiddnapped for over 10 years and her family never looked for her. So sad! Great story, Jade! So nice to have you back!

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      • I don’t remember her name. This was about 10 years ago. She was kidnapped around the same time as the two other girls. When one of the girls was able to get out of the house and have the neighbor call the police, the police came and rescued them. They knew about 2 of the girls that had gone missing but they didn’t know about the one that the man had kept the longest because her family never reported her missing or took any measures to look for her. It was all a big news item back then and I’m sure you remember.


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