[Flash Fiction] Young Love

“Hmm, for a kid graduating high school as valedictorian, he sure is lacking in the common-sense department,” he said to his wife, lounging on a chair beside him as they floated on the easy tide.

“The smarts come from my side of the family, the lack of common sense is clearly from you,” his wife teased, splashing him with her foot.


Laughing, his wife looked over again at their son hugging his secret girlfriend in broad daylight. “He does realize this is a public beach and people can see him?”

“Yes, but he probably doesn’t expect us to see him as we’re technically supposed to be at work, remember?” He winked at his wife, who giggled, feeling like a teenage girl again for the first time in a long time. She supposed, playing hooky for a beach date with her husband would do that.

As the tide floated them away from their son, she decided they would let him keep his secret. After all, they were young once too.

© Jade M. Wong

My first double prompt combo in a long time! What do you guys think? 

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and Sunday Photo Fiction. Word Count: 170. 

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