Jade Goes To Comic Con! (Day 2)

We’re baaack! If Friday was Chaos and Confusion, then Sunday was Successful and Satisfying. Now that we knew the lay of the land, it was much easier to plan and stick to an itinerary.

So, without further ado, allow me to take you through—

Day 2: Sunday (aka Successful and Satisfying)

The best friend and I started our day by going to our first panel, Marvel Comics: X-Men. Since we weren’t hardcore comic books fans, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we surprised ourselves at how much we enjoyed learning about the new storylines coming out. (Bonus: we got a couple of free comics and everyone knows free stuff makes everything better!)


We were amazed at how many more stunning figurines and collectibles there were on Sunday. Below were the ones that really caught our eye. (My personal favorite are the Deadpool ones! You know, if I had that much money lying around and no bills to pay.)

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Since Sunday was much more crowded than Friday, that meant we saw double the amount of amazing cosplays. This time, the best friend and I pushed ourselves to approach our favorite cosplays of the day to ask for photos. Turns out, it gets easier after the first time, and everyone was really nice and accommodating. Maybe we don’t need a third friend who’s not an anxious introvert after all, haha!

(Yes, Lego Spiderman is an actual cosplay. There’s a person in there!)

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But I have to give a special spotlight to my favorite cosplay of my entire NYCC weekend. This Black Panther cosplay was AMAZING, and the cosplayer was nice enough to pose a few times for me too!

I knew I couldn’t leave NYCC without buying merchandise to commemorate the occasion. I found the perfect item in a stall selling mystery boxes for various fandoms. Each box contained a number of products related to whatever character or fandom was on the box, including but not limited to: Hogwarts houses, Marvel superheroes, DC superheroes, Supernatural, and Black Butler. The items could be anything: caps, keychains, plushies, frisbees, t-shirts, mugs, and so on. I’ll give you guys one guess as to what mystery box I chose —


My mystery box contained a Ravenclaw tie, belt, mirror, wallet, and lanyard, and in my opinion, it was absolutely worth it! (Spoiler alert: the tie will be perfect for my Ravenclaw student cosplay next year!)

Easily, the event I was looking most forward to on Sunday was the cast interview of Doctor Who, which included the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker herself. The best friend and I were more prepared for the crowds around the SyFy Wire Booth this time around and we managed to get an amazing, closer view of the stage. I’ll admit, listening to Jodie Whittaker talk about playing the role of the Doctor made me slightly teary-eyed. As a fan of Doctor Who since its revival in 2005, I’ve been waiting for the day The Doctor would be female. Seeing how enthusiastic, genuine, and respectful Jodie was, I can’t imagine anyone else doing justice to this role.


Last but not least, a selfie with the best friend. We not only survived our second day of comic con, but we really tried our best to make the most of it. We pushed ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, we participated in so many more activities that didn’t make it onto this already long post (like standing in line for two hours to take photos in a pool of kitten plushies — sounds weird on paper, but a lot of fun in real life! We even got our first NYCC tradable pins afterwards as a participation prize), and left Javits Center with so many NYCC freebies, we couldn’t fit them all in our backpacks.

Final thoughts? We can’t wait to go back next year — in cosplay!


If you’d like to see more photos from NYCC, please check out my Instagram and the best friend’s Instagram accounts. 

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