Birthday Dinner At A Little Piece of Heaven

Calling all my October Babies!

Two weeks ago, I turned…older. Which meant, I had a brief existential crisis, like I do every year, where I lamented how I have achieved nothing in my 20+ years of life, and then my best friend stepped in to slap sense into me, as a good best friend should.

This year, I asked for a small dinner to celebrate my birthday, no fuss, just good food and great company. So my best friends treated me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, a sushi & seafood buffet called Mizumi aka A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth. 

Below are some photos of Mizumi’s many buffet aisles. The selection of food at Mizumi is so diverse that the pickiest eater in the world will still find something to enjoy, and the turnover is quick, which ensures the food is fresh and delicious. They also have some of the airiest, fluffiest little cakes, and the crispiest, perfect-portion-sized little cookies in their dessert aisle. 

Below are just some of my and the best friends’ many plates. It goes without saying that we each went for seconds…and thirds…and fourths. 

As a surprise, the best friends told our waitress it was my birthday, and about an hour into our dinner, the waitress brought out a little strawberry birthday cake. 

Mizumi 4

All in all, it was the perfect birthday dinner I had asked for. I may not be exactly where I want to be in life (especially where my writing is concerned), and I don’t know if I ever will achieve everything with my writing I hope to achieve, but my best friends always make me feel incredibly lucky to simply be here. At the end of the day, I suppose that’s life: to just be here, in the moment, and to do our best to make each moment a good one.

I hope you all still have many good moments waiting for you.

To see more birthday photos, please check out my Instagram page and one of the best friend’s Instagram page

17 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner At A Little Piece of Heaven

  1. Awwwwww. My dearie got older and wiser and kinder and braver and more! I am proud of you enough to smack you that you did not do anything for you 20+ years of existence. That isnt truuuuuue!!! Okay? Okay. 😊 Happy birthday! 😘 (and you made me hungry. Ugh.)

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