[Poetry] Goblins and Ghouls and Witches Galore!

Goblins and ghouls and witches galore!
Asking for treats with smiles at the door.
Fairies with wings and superheroes with capes,
That Superman looks like he stole his mother’s drapes!

Snacking on chocolates and my favorite sour candies,
Running past the spooky houses – watch out for the zombies!
Laughing and whispering, shh, a ghost can’t be seen,
Prepare your pumpkins, it’s Happy Halloween!

© Jade M. Wong

And so we come to one of my favorite holidays! To all those celebrating, I wish you a safe and happy Halloween!


28 thoughts on “[Poetry] Goblins and Ghouls and Witches Galore!

  1. “That Superman looks like he stole his mother’s drapes!”

    This line had me laughing out loud! I’m not into Halloween, but lovely write, Jade!

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  2. made me feel like a kid, running through the streets with your words, looking at all the scary costumes and decorations, oh and the one who stole his mother’s drapes!! that was so precious. did you have a sugar overload? this was both magical and playful, the exuberant and lovely heart you have shines through every line

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    • Aww haha I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem! I do not take full credit for that line because I was inspired by a line in the movie Avengers, when Tony Stark says to Thor “doth mother know you weareth her drapes?” I’ve always loved that line.

      I did not have a sugar overload yet, but I do have a lot of leftover candy after all the trick or treaters so maybe ask me again next week after I’ve eaten most of the candy LOL. How was your Halloween?

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      • movie lines can be powerfully inspiring, but the poem is all yours.

        haha good to keep some for the weekend! no Halloween celebration here, not such a big thing compared to our Ghost Month and Lantern Festival. its very commercial and popular in the pubs etc. a way to draw customers. i just enjoy the seasonal candy in the stores!!

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