[Poetry] A Drop Of Water

The water splashes onto his face
And drops roll down his back,
Disappearing under the towel
Wrapped around his waist.

The day has just begun
And I lean against the door,
Toothbrush in hand, suddenly wishing
I were a drop of water.

He turns to catch my gaze
And a grin lights up his eyes,
Sighing, I remember now how it feels
To be that drop of water.

Β© Jade M. Wong

Written for dVerse prompt: desire and sexuality. Inspired by a newly-discovered Jane Kenyon favorite, The Shirt.

48 thoughts on “[Poetry] A Drop Of Water

  1. I love how you’ve captured that moment, Jade! Some lines are reminiscent of Romeo’s sonnet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
    ‘Sighing, I remember now how it feels
    To be that drop of water’.

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  2. Oh my, this gave me the feels, as one may call it β€” the softness of this desire, the unsaid possibilities, and actions, make it all the more sensual and evocative. I loved it. Thanks for participating, and for the link to that Kenyon poem. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for hosting this week, Anmol, and giving us a really fun prompt to work with! I wasn’t comforting going the hot and heavy route so I opted for something a little more delicate and sensual. I’m glad it gave you feels, haha! And you’re welcome, I’m always happy to pass along great poets (and poetry!)


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