[Flash Fiction] Home

He only had time to grab his son and run. Together, they ran with the clothes on their back and their photo identification cards stuffed hastily in his pocket. They didn’t even have time to say goodbye.

Then again, there wasn’t much to say goodbye to. Behind them was fire, merciless and consuming, devouring each house like a starving dragon. Behind them were bodies, riddled with bullets, each hole dripping bloody dreams and hopes. Behind them were the graves of his wife and daughter, the screams of their last moments forever playing in his ears like a broken record. 

When they reached the water and could run no more, they climbed into a raft. Paddling precariously away from shore, he finally glanced over his shoulder at the devastated home they left behind, and thought grimly, “no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

He only hoped there would be a better home ahead for his son. 

© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count: 164.

News of the migrants reaching the US-Mexico border have dominated headlines for the past few days. Today, tensions rose among everyone on both sides of the immigration debate after reports were released that the situation at the border has gotten violent, with migrants attempting to storm the border and US troops using tear gas to ward them off. 

In the midst of the turmoil, I find myself remembering Warsan Shire’s poem, “Home“, using her words for the line in my story about why parents would put their children on boats. 

34 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Home

    • Thank you. Yes, unfortunately, this is too relevant to current events, but at the same time, I feel many people don’t truly realize the dire plight of why someone can’t simply stay at home. I’m glad you enjoyed this flash fiction and that you found it particularly powerful and real. Thank you for reading and commenting 💜

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  1. Jade, with just a few words, you manage to evoke such powerful emotions! And I love how you also shed light on news grabbing headlines. Well done.

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  2. i am reminded of a scene from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Peel society, where parents sent their children away when Germany invade Great Britain, sending them off on unsafe boats and sea to be taken to a safe place, the ultimate sacrifice. thank you for another eye opening post, this like your Ju Soli a year ago I think brings the plight of the deported and immigrant to light. My friend works for the UNHCR here and she has some really heartbreaking tales when politics coldly decide the fate of humanity.

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    • Oh, I know the scene you’re talking about! That scene in the movie touched me the most because it showcased both the dire situation and the selfless love that parents have for children. In war, the children always suffer the most, I think.

      Immigration is one of those debates that is near and personal to my heart and times like this when I am reminded of how cruel humans can be in the face of differences and drawn lines, makes me fear for our future. So thank you, Gina, for being so much more than a constant reader, but also a constant friend throughout my WordPress journey, and a reminder that humans can be beautiful and kind as well 💜.

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      • yes that scene was pretty emotional, more so for parents watching, how could I part with my child for his/her own good? aren’t I supposed to be able to protect them best? ahh and so many more.

        yes you give voice to the unheard and silent sufferers. I admire this in you so much and appreciate the thought process you put into it too.

        I am reminded to be kind when I am with you Jade, you bring that gentleness and for love humanity out of me.

        So happy to be part of your world, in writing and also to be called friend. Thank you

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  3. I read and watched news about the dispute in the US-Mexico boarde Jade and it breaks my heart to see young children being used to plead or beg for mercy. Much as i personaly feel their cause but i just wish that children should never be used as an excuse or a fronliner to solicit mercy.

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    • It breaks my heart as well. I understand we cannot just allow anyone and everyone to storm the border and cross into the country because then what is the incentive for those who come in legally? But that doesn’t mean we let the children suffer this way, and that doesn’t mean we can’t be humane in our actions. Immigration is one of those debates that are just so near and personal to me, and it’s really heartbreaking to see the crisis at the US-Mexico border right now 😦

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