[Poetry] Are You Listening?

Can you hear me
All the words I cannot speak
Behind a strained smile sewed on
Like a porcelain doll.

Can you hear me
The muffled sobs in a corner
Because my tears would only
Burn them like acid rain.

Can you hear me
Screaming until I shatter
Into pieces of broken glass
Streaked with blood and no reflection.

Can you hear me
Pleading for your help
To ease the burden of a little girl
To ease her silent pain.

© Jade M. Wong

51 thoughts on “[Poetry] Are You Listening?

    • I’m happy to hear you like the poem Ameena 🙂 and that you find different ways to interpret it. I agree with your advice to the girl, and I think she would appreciate the advice too.


  1. this was brilliant writing and the poetry fit perfectly, the muse expressing her deepest longing and desire, held silent for so long. Your words were like tiny droplets of mercury on a cold glass plate, sliding and forming its own trail of rapture to the mid as I read this, eloquence, grace and beauty you are Jade! Beautiful doll, soft sweet girl, pain like a tragedy unsolved. I loved this side of you.

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  2. Very emotional! I can almost taste the sadness. Any idea who’s in the top image? As soon as I saw it I thought, “OMG Nicole de Boer!” but on second look, I don’t think it is.

    Also, thanks to “Can you hear me?” I now that that Adele song on a loop in my head. So, thanks for that. 😛

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