30 Day Song Challenge: Last Week Catch Up!

We made it! Without further ado, here’s the last week of songs:


30 day song challenege

Day 25: A Song You Like By An Artist No Longer Living

Wake Me Up, by Avicii. This was difficult to choose as there are so many songs I love by artists who are no longer living. In the end, I chose my favorite song by Avicii who committed suicide earlier this year. If you’re thinking of someone today, reach out to them. Hug them, talk to them, and let them know they’re not alone. 

Day 26: A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

What Makes You Different, by Backstreet Boys. This was probably the first love song I ever heard as a little girl that truly resonated with me and helped me understand what love is supposed to be like, and now 18 years later, this song has stayed with me.

Day 27: A Song That Breaks Your Heart

One More Light, by Linkin Park. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do. 

Day 28: A Song By An Artist Whose Voice You Love

Somebody To Love (cover), by Adam Lambert + Queen. In my opinion, Adam Lambert has one of the industry’s most unique and versatile voices ever. I’ve loved him since his American Idol days and even more now that he’s been touring with Queen as their new frontman. Instead of sharing one of his songs, I’m sharing his cover of my favorite Queen song, performed with who else? Queen. 

Day 29: A Song You Remember From Your Childhood

Go The Distance, by Michael Bolton. One of my favorite Disney movies!

Day 30: A Song That Reminds You Of Yourself

Girl In The Movies, by Dolly Parton. The lyrics say it all.

And that ends 30 days of music! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my weird, eclectic taste in music and maybe even found a song or two to add to your own playlist. See you all in 2019!



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