[Poetry] A Toast

Here’s to Cupid aiming his arrows accurately
To lost love being found.
Here’s to being nice (and a little naughty!)
For Santa all year ‘round.

Here’s to friendships, stretched thin from wear
Built up like a house of cards.
Here’s to friendships, triple knotted with care,
Built to last when things get hard.

Here’s to laughing on the couch with a glass of wine
To empty tissue boxes and sad love songs.
Here’s to enjoying the little moments of frozen time
To blasting the music and singing along.

Here’s to keeping our heads up high
When we’re crawling in the dirt.
Here’s to learning how to say goodbye
To letting go of all the hurt.

Here’s to checking off our bucket lists
To doing what makes us happy.
Here’s to a new year with new plot twists,
To a new chapter in our story.

© Jade M. Wong


This is a new year poem I wrote a few years ago, and I always love revisiting it as the years pass. May 2019 bring for you reasons to laugh, opportunities to love, and reminders that you are enough. 💜

35 thoughts on “[Poetry] A Toast

  1. such a special poem to me, everything tied up neatly and says all about the year to come, hopes, dreams, wishes and tender moments. you write so beautiful poetry Jade, I really loved this one the most!

    Liked by 1 person

      • same here sweetie, gloomy and dark and rainy but just the way i like it, I am my own sunshine I like to believe and love the cool weather the monsoon brings. I am happy i could bring a little sunshine from the equator your way Jade. Hope its not gloomy in your heart my dear friend. Tell me and I will sing you a song!

        Liked by 1 person

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