[Poetry] Winter Rose

She did not bloom in the warmth of spring—
Her petals did not wave at the bees
And butterflies fluttering by,
And she did not bask in the sun,
While the birds chirped their lullabies.

She was more suited to the chill of winter—
Her petals glistened with icy snowflakes
With thorns as sharp as icicles,
For she was a rose that bloomed in adversity,
Thriving where no one thought possible.

© Jade M. Wong

Written for a prompt on Instagram — check out my profile here to read more and to participate.


47 thoughts on “[Poetry] Winter Rose

  1. Lovely write, Jade. This poem reminds me of how it’s like to be different, to always stand out no matter the season and others around wonder why you are like that that way. ‘And she did not bask in the sun’ This line reminds me of stubbornness and being stubborn lol. Sometimes you just are the way you are 🙂

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    • I can see how you might think of a wallflower. It’s one of the amazing things about poetry—how different people can see different things in the same lines. Thank you for reading and commenting, Björn!


  2. I can feel the chills as i read this..for one you described winter in such a magical way and two you i an in awe at how you reminded me that the rose indeed can thrive anywhere and anytime..they bloom beautiful on summer and now your saying they still do on winter? (We dont have winter here) that’s amazing…

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    • There are some roses that bloom in winter, but I can’t remember the exact names, of the top of my head lol. Thank you for reading and commenting, michnavs! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and was able to find the magic and beauty in winter through it ^_^

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