[Flash Fiction] The Funky Munky

Since the day it first opened its doors, the Funky Munky was the place to be for any self-respecting monkey on any given night.

The drinks were acclaimed. Its self-named house drink, The Funky Munky, a sweet and tangy twist on the classic mojito with strawberries, pineapple, and a dusting of banana-flavored salt on the rims, drove the primates, well, appropriately bananas. 

The music was legendary. Scores of popular artists launched their careers at the adored nightclub, and never thought twice about putting in special performances. 

The Backstreet Baboons serenaded hearts during ballad nights.

Orangutan Direction sent young females into frenzies during boy band nights. 

And no one got the crowd as energized as Harambe, lead singer of virtual band Gorillaz, famous for their genre-fusing music and animated performances.

Yes, the reign of the Funky Munky was a prosperous one, until the day the nightclub’s doors didn’t open.

The day the humans arrived. 

© Jade M. Wong

Making my flash fiction comeback with a funky submission to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

References abound!

35 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] The Funky Munky

    • Hehe thanks. I had fun figuring out the band names lol. And ooh planet of the apes, I like it! Who would’ve thought there’d be so many monkey references to choose from?
      And yeah…humans bah. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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