[Harry Potter Fanfic] Like Fathers, Like Sons

“Hugo Granger-Weasley, you march straight to your room! You are grounded until I say otherwise!” Hermione Granger pointed a finger up the stairs as her son trudged up each step.

“Oi, what’s the commotion?” Ron Weasley popped his head out from the kitchen, taking a bite of his freshly-made tuna sandwich.

Your son—” Hermione swung around and jabbed her finger in her husband’s direction instead. “And your nephew, Fred II, thought it would be hilarious to bewitch a car and make it fly! Only the spell’s backfired and sent the car God-knows-where—are you laughing? Ronald!”

“Sorry, sorry!” Ron held up the sandwich in surrender. “But I think it’s my fault. Last night, I told Hugo and Freddie about the time I flew dad’s muggle car into the Whomping Willow at school. I guess they…got inspired?”

Hermione crossed her arms and glared at Ron with such intensity that he could have sworn his sandwich wilted under the pressure. “Someone’s got to explain this to the Ministry of Magic.”

Ron sighed. “I’ll get my coat.”

© Jade M. Wong

 Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

As soon as I saw the photo prompt, my Harry-Potter-loving-brain immediately remembered the scene from the second Harry Potter movie that Ron is describing. I’ve included a clip of the scene below, for anyone interested.

Also, for anyone confused, “muggle” means non-magic folk. 

56 thoughts on “[Harry Potter Fanfic] Like Fathers, Like Sons

  1. You write excellent fanfic jade! I never read any of the Harry Potter books and watched only deathly hallow (1&2) which I absolutely loved, but oh my’ I could picture Ron with his sandwich chucking at his kid’s mischief. Absolutely enjoyed it

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  2. Domesticity mixed into the magic of these two lovers from a time they only stared into each other’s eyes, this was super sweet in all its familiarity yet addition of new characters, and you know when a Mama is angry – full names get called out. Well that’s the way my boys know they are in real trouble. Like the fan fic, how do you do it?

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    I mean, ahem. Harry Potter! Or rather, Ron and Hermione, I always enjoyed seeing the two interact. Like father, like son indeed! I wonder where the car flew off to – hopefully not the Whomping Willow a second time. Though I think maybe Arthur Weasley would have been a bit proud of his grandson and grand-nephew.

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    • AHHHH fellow Potterheard, I assume? 😀

      I always liked seeing Ron and Hermione’s interactions as well. I think they make a fun couple and even more interesting parents. Also, Arthur Weasley is definitely very proud of the next generation, I’m sure 😉

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      • YAS. YES. I mean, yes. It’s hard not to be, they were practically my childhood! Though I didn’t start reading until Prisoner of Azkaban came out. Their children are going to drive poor Hermione up the wall though! I think all the parents involved are very proud of their grand-kin too.

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        • Harry Potter was my childhood too. It’s the Harry Potter books that started my love for reading and writing and fantasy. Rowling has absolutely shaped who I am today. I’m glad to meet a fellow fan ❤

          Yes-I think her children would definitely drive her crazy, but what kind of children would they be if they didn’t? 😉

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          • Rowling’s stories kept me dreaming – I think my first ever proper fanfic was Harry Potter based. Not that I ever had the nerve to publish it xD But likewise! But she built such an amazing world. It’s good to meet a fellow Potterhead ❤

            True. Very true. Combine Hermione’s brains with both of their penchants for getting into trouble… I can just about imagine the gatherings the Potter-Weasley and the Weasley-Granger household have.

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              • Ahh, you’re too kind! That one was a mess of everything you could do wrong in fanfiction writing though, so they’ll probably never see the light of day xD But likewise – I love fanfiction. Some of the best stories I’ve read and kept me up at night were fanfics, where published novels fail. I think they can shape writing styles and what you write too, at some point.

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                • I absolutely agree! I feel like some fan fiction, the well-written ones, should be taken as seriously as literature. Like you, I’ve had fanfiction that was every bit as much of a page turner as published novels, and in some cases, even more so than published novels.

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                • Likewise – I find it disheartening how so many “serious” writers pooh-pooh fanfiction, when it can be very useful in developing your writing skills and characterisation skills. I mean, yes, I get the beauty of making your own world, but sometimes, writers just want to have fun!

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