[Poetry] Special Someone

Dark curls, gray eyes
Always honest, never lies
Crisp jeans, cotton shirts
A gentle touch that never hurts
Sharp mind, cautious heart
A love he’ll never tear apart.

© Jade M. Wong

43 thoughts on “[Poetry] Special Someone

  1. Such an amazing poem about someone so lovely, someone so loving. Really like how you wrote visuals such as the curls and grey eyes and all that segwayed so nicely into what love is 😊 Brilliant write, Jade. As michnavs said, it melts my heart. The poem also reminds me of how there is someone special for each of us, someone who is always their honest self with an unwavering love for us every single day. Really liked this 😊😊

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    • LOL! Oh dear, I can assure you I was not trying to depict Christian Grey. but I’ll take the comparison regardless. Glad you liked the poem, Maria! There is something about gray eyes and crisp jeans, no? 😉

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      • HAHA! Trust me, this one’s looming with Mr. Grey’s aura. ❤ It's not so lady-like to say I drool for gray eyes and crisp jeans, no? But yes, there's something… something sexy about that! 😀

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