[Flash Fiction] Live To Play Another Day

The woman looped the necklace around her neck, wincing as the cold pearls touched her skin. The blue sapphire pendant glowed just as coldly. It was time.

Her husband sat at the piano, dressed in his Sunday best. Next to him sat the little girl, choosing the evening’s song. She had their daughter’s sunny curls and voice like wind-chimes, but she was not their daughter.

“Let’s play Satie’s Gymnopedies today,” the little girl said.

“Perhaps, we can rest—”

“No!” Blue flames jumped into the little girl’s eyes. The sapphire on the pearl necklace burned a bright furious cobalt. The woman clawed at her neck as the pearls tightened around her throat like a noose.

“Darling, we’ll play Satie’s Gymnopedies!” Her husband cried. “Please don’t—please don’t hurt her.”

“Okay, then play.”  

The sapphire cooled and the woman gasped at the sudden influx of air. The first notes of the song floated into the air as she caught her husband’s distraught gaze. They would live to play another day.

© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 

Erik Satie’s Gymnopedies are some of my favorite piano pieces. They’re hauntingly beautiful, striking that balance between melancholy and happiness, simultaneously serene and heartbreaking. 

I was listening to Satie in the background as I was trying to figure out what to write for this week’s prompt when my muse decided to draw inspiration from the music.

For anyone interested, I included Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1, my favorite of his gymnopedies. 


51 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Live To Play Another Day

  1. Wow didn’t take the little girl to be the evil one. I’ve read stories seen TV shows where this was the case butthe most obvious ones don’t come to mind at this time. What a terrible little devil she is.

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  2. Geeeeez. This is haaunting! What a “twisted” take on the prompt! And listening to the piano. it is soothing but listening to it after the story makes me feel chills. (or maybe i am just a scaredy cat. HAHA)

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  3. Awesome! Loved it. At first, in the reader, all I saw was the first paragraph, and that knocked my brain for a further looksee. Glad I came out. This was an excellent write. 🙂 ❤

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  4. That was very sinister – both story and child. As always, I’d love to know more: what happened to their real child? The necklace? Music? So many questions. So little answers. Also – I once played Satie’s Gnossiene No. 3. It’s the haunting notes and how expressive it can be. That’s what makes his work so beautiful.

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    • I asked myself all those questions too, and my muse has yet to come up with those answers, but hopefully there will be a sequel (or prequel?) to this soon. I’m curious about this family too!

      Oh, I also love his Gnossienes! I agree completely-his compositions are haunting and expressive in the rawest and most lovely way.

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      • Hopefully! I look forward to it. Or maybe a short story altogether. Depending on how long it needs to be.

        Yes! It’s very nice to listen to on a rainy day. Though maybe not in the middle of the night, like I did – I kept glancing over my shoulder once when I did it.

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  5. Chilling! The sweet beauty with a sinister side. The curls and laces not enough to hide her evil side. This could be the start of a really thrilling tale. Love how you spin the words! I never suspected from the start it would have such deep dark implications.

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  6. I love at how you and your muse created such an amazing connection between the blue sapphire pendant and the little girl’s eyes closing it down to playing the piece….and yes live another day…

    Your a brilliant story teller Jade..one of your stories which i will again share to my daughters who are now becoming fan of your fan -fics

    Liked by 1 person

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