[Flash Fiction] Brotherly Bonding

“Left…left…left, right,” Daniel chanted like a drill sergeant as he and his younger brother diligently pedaled their two-seater bicycle up and down the park trail.

“Shut…shut…shut up,” Derrick mocked. “Man, this is so embarrassing.”

“Which is why I want us to finish our laps before anyone we know sees us,” Daniel snapped over his shoulder. “So stop your lazy-hole whining and pedal.”

“Why don’t you fix your pretentious face first?” Derrick shot back. “It’s your fault mom’s making us do this stupid bike thing anyway!”

My fault?”

“Yeah, your fault, snotface!” 

The front tire wobbled as Daniel lost control of the handlebar and both brothers and bicycle crashed onto the ground. A squeal of laughter erupted from nearby. The brothers turned to find their little sister giggling, her hands gripping the phone recording the evidence of their punishment for their mother.

“That’s what you two get for playing a mean prank on me!” Mina stuck her tongue out. “Mommy said 50 laps!”

Grumbling, the brothers dusted off the bicycle and started again.

© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count: 175 exactly!

I tried to get creative with the insults while keeping it relatively curse-word free. It made me curious though—do you guys have any creative name-calling insults without actually using vulgar or curse words?

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