[Poetry] Hot Chocolate

Standing on my toes,
Trying to peek over the counter,
I can barely see.

But I hear the whistle of the kettle
Boiling on the stove,
And the clink of the spoon
Against the mug,
And the shuffle of the cupboards
Open and close.

And then, and then
There it is…
The sweet chocolate wafting through the air
Warm and cozy
Like my mother’s hand caressing my cheek,
A hint of earthy undertones
Like the dirt from her garden under her nails,
And the fruity fragrance of juicy oranges,
Like the scent of my mother herself.

© Jade M. Wong

Written for dVerse’s Tuesday Poetics, hosted by my friend Gina this week. 

When I read the prompt, the first thing I thought of was a specific kind of hot chocolate made from milo that my mother used to mix for me as a child. To this day, it’s my favorite kind of hot chocolate. 

38 thoughts on “[Poetry] Hot Chocolate

  1. oh Jade! Milo! what could be more nostalgic and remind me of home and safety than this! My kids would relate to it, most definitely. Even on celebration days, they will ask for Milo, just like Mama makes at home. thank you for joining in the lovely parade of poets writing about a special smell and time we can go to when we need comfort. your poem was spot on, it has made me very warm and fuzzy this morning. my favourite line is when you equate the hot drink to your mother’s hand caressing your cheek.

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    • Yes! Now, I make my own milo hot chocolate but I remember, growing up, as soon as Fall hit, I’d ask my mom for a mug of Milo every day. I’m so happy that you and your family can relate to this ❤ And it was my pleasure to join dVerse this week! I’ve been looking for a chance to jump back in to Tuesday Poetics since I used to participate before my hiatus, and you hosting this week just seemed like a sign to me 🙂 Hope the warm and fuzzy feelings have continued for you today!

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      • thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me. you have been here with me from almost the very start of my writing journey, become a trusted and loved friend.

        we all take breaks, some longer than others, life does need attention, but I am so happy to see you back participating, writing and creating. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling just like having Milo in the fall!

        you know my story, the feelings is me making the best of each day and grateful for people who stick by me. blessings for a good rest of the week and thank you for being Jade.

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  2. I think each of us in turn has expressed a memory-wrapped scent like a “mother’s hand caressing our cheek”. Such an evocative phrase.

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  3. Hot chocolate is one of those extremely comforting things that I have never liked. My mother used to make it once a year, when we came back from Midnight Mass. I don’t know why. Nobody liked it, but it became a ritual. People do funny things, don’t they 🙂

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    • Oh wow, that is kind of funny actually. You’d think your mother would stop making hot chocolate if nobody liked it, or you’d think you guys would eventually get a new tradition 😅. Out of curiosity, what would you prefer in place of hot chocolate for those winter days?


      • It was only the one night of the year, Christmas Eve when everything was special and different. I suppose we just didn’t ever complain about it. When I was a child, I didn’t like hot drinks and certainly nothing made from milk. Now, on Christmas Eve night I’d have a glass of Calvados or whiskey.

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  4. My wife makes a hot chocolate concoction that is super rich, and satisfying; love your sharing. A lot of our mothers made it into the poetry today.

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    • Thank you Björn! I tried to focus on just the smell, but it seems all the senses got involved, haha. And I agree, there is such expectancy indeed in the sound of a stirring spoon!


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