[Poetry] Existence

I have ink in my veins
And blood in my words,
I have a voice behind this pastiche of a life,
A voice that is dying to be heard.

I have verses in my heart
And a heartbeat in my pen,
I have a raft fashioned from rosewood and paper,
That has saved me again and again.

I write because I am alive,
I write because I will die,
I write to remind the world I lived,
And I write to say goodbye.

Β© Jade M. Wong

Written for a summer poetry miracles writing prompt over on Instagram.Β 

86 thoughts on “[Poetry] Existence

    • Ahhh you are too kind, thank you for causing me to squeal in joy at your comment πŸ™ˆ No, but seriously, I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem, and I agree, all us writers and poets are definitely under the spell of the written word.

      I hope you have a lovely day πŸ’œ


  1. I like the symmetry of beginning “dying to write” and then sriting because going to die, both to say hello (CS Lewis was told we read to know we are not alone), and to say goodbye. And to live. Nice Ars Poetica. Wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you BjΓΆrn. There are so many reasons why we writers feel drawn to the written word, but leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered long after we’ve died, I think, is particularly enticing.


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