[Poetry] Precipice

There’s a pounding in my head,
The weight of words unsaid,

And a pounding in my chest
Of screams that just won’t rest.

On and on it pounds,
Like an earthquake shaking the ground,

While I stand on the edge of my sanity—
It doesn’t seem a long way down.

© Jade M.Wong

20 thoughts on “[Poetry] Precipice

      • Well, I guess 2020 hasn’t been too bad, but my grandmother died on December 27th and that’s been the big thing recently… But that’s not the kind of response people really want to hear, so I’m now hopeful for getting a job and I want to do some reading and writing for now! 🙂

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        • Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for your loss, H.R. It may not be the kind of response people want to hear, but it’s still important to be said. It’s always hard to lose loved ones, especially around the holidays. I’m sending you and your family much strength in this time, and hope you take the time to need to cope and heal. I also hope 2020 takes it easy on you, and that you find that job you’re looking for, and get some reading and writing in as well! 💛

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