[Poetry] I Miss…

Running through sprinklers
On a summer day in the park,
Seeing stars in the sky
Instead of the dark.

Looking at the world
Through rose-colored eyes,
Believing I could be anything
Before life showed me otherwise.

But what I miss most
About being a child
Is the freedom to fly
Unshackled and wild.

© Jade M. Wong

A couple weeks ago, Rosemarie shared a poem on her Instagram about what she misses from her childhood and it inspired me to write my own poem. What do you miss from your childhood?

17 thoughts on “[Poetry] I Miss…

  1. that little girl is fierce in her hope for herself and humanity – your poem speaks of a past filled with warm enveloping memories you can draw upon when you need it, especially at those times you say Life shows you otherwise. I don’t think I have met a braver and more resilient soul like you.

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  2. ❤ this poem! The sprinklers; can totally relate. Nothing better than a cold garden sprinkler on a hot summer day. It’s also really effective (and sad) how you couple happy childhood memories with the painful realisation that life isn’t what you imagined it to be – in short, growing up sucks, let’s all be seven again. I think I shall now write a poem of my own about this!

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    • I love your keen eye! You’ve nailed down exactly what I was trying to convey in this poem—the pain of growing up and all that lol. I agree, we should be seven again! Peter Pan knew what he was doing, it seems 😂 I hope you do write your own poem about this! I’d love to read it.

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