[Poetry] Retreat

I dream of writing
On the back of a great eagle,
Brown and white feathers soaring
Through an endless cerulean sky.

I dream of writing
Surrounded by bookshelves,
Wrapped in the hushed whispers
Of a million adventures.

I dream of writing
In the pauses of a melody,
My words waltzing
In between the chords.

I dream of writing
Beside a warm teapot,
Tapping at my laptop,
Just me, the quiet, and the moon.

Β© Jade M. Wong

Last week, Gina responded to a prompt on Instagram asking what your dream writing retreat looks like. I was inspired to write a poem envisioning all the different and fantastical places I’d like to write in. A girl can dream, right?

What’s your dream writing retreat?

29 thoughts on “[Poetry] Retreat

  1. Lovely!

    I think if i could write ANYWHERE, it would be up on a mountain. I would have a cabin with a glass terrarium containing a tea table, beautiful garden, waterfall, and maybe even a cozy bed or hammock. Then, when I went inside, there would be a warm fire, bookshelves full of amazing stories and poems, a comfy couch, and an inviting bed. All wonderful places to embrace my works! ❀

    Thank you for helping me imagine this. Now, I can think of this place when I sit down to write my poetry. πŸ™‚

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  2. not just a retreat an escape, a haven, a place to be ourselves without fear. Every line so beautifully crafted dear Jade, the heavens smile as you make many hearts glad with this poem.

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