[Poetry] Our Song

Her laugh was the melody,
Like wind chimes in the breeze.
The harmony was the way she’d
Win every argument with ease.
The chorus was the first time
She whispered she loved me,
But my favorite part about her song
Was how it played for eternity.

The drums were his voice,
Like strong waves by the seaside.
The piano was the way he’d
Always defend me with pride.
The violin was the first time
He leaned in to kiss me,
But my favorite part about his song
Was how it played for eternity.

© Jade M. Wong

Welcome to the second week of World of Words, a prompt I’m co-hosting with Rosemarie of A Reading Writer and Maria of Doodle Scribbles. This week’s word prompt is duyog, a Bisaya word that means musical accompaniment

The rules are simple:

  1. Every week, we’ll post a word from a different country in the world.
  2. Write a poem inspired by that word and use the hashtag #worldofwords. You can also tag us so we know to come and check out your poem!
  3. We’ll be sharing our favorites on Instagram, the main hub of our co-hosting duties, but depending on the response here on WordPress, I’ll share my favorites here too.

Looking forward to reading your poetry!

20 thoughts on “[Poetry] Our Song

    • Yes, I am hosting with Rose and Maria. We’re mainly hosting on Instagram, but I’m sharing the prompts here on WordPress too, for my WordPress community. I would love to read your poetry based on these prompts, Mich! 😊

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