[Poetry] Reunion

I close my eyes
That are finally dry
And tilt my face to the sky.

I feel the wind
I can finally smile
Knowing one day you and I

Will meet again
The wind will blow
My ashes to where you lie.

I spread my arms
The wind begins
I am ready to fly.

© Jade M. Wong

Sharing for this week’s World of Words prompt, “kahidlaw”, a Bisaya word which means “deep longing”. The rules are simple for joining in:

  1. Every week, Rosemarie (of A Reading Writer), Maria (of Doodle Scribbles), and I will post a word from a different country in the world.
  2. Write a poem inspired by that word and use the hashtag #worldofwords. You can also tag us so we know to come and check out your poem!
  3. We’ll be sharing our favorites on Instagram (Rose’s IGMaria’s IGmy IG), the main hub of our co-hosting duties, but depending on the response here on WordPress, I’ll share my favorites here too.

I’m longing to read all your wonderful poetry this week. 

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