Re-Introducing Me in 2020

So, I meant to post this in January—you know, for the new year—but now it’s April, I haven’t left my apartment in two and a half weeks, and I’ve run out of excuses. I’ve been procrastinating on this post because after last year’s Re-Introduction post, I hoped I would be further in my writing career instead of…in exactly the same place. At times, it’s felt like I’ve wasted a year of my life, but my best friends would argue (and have argued, many times) that this past year has been a year of personal growth and milestones. 

So, without further ado, to all my fellow bloggers, my readers, my best friends, and the whole wide world, are you listening? Can you see me? I’m re-introducing myself.

Who is Jade M. Wong?

Jade M. Wong is a pseudonym that combines my Birth Name (Mei Wong) with “jade”, an important gemstone in the Chinese culture. I chose this name because it allows me to honor my Chinese heritage, while at the same time, pave my own future. My parents chose my birth name with their dreams and hopes, but I chose my pseudonym because writing is my dream, not theirs. 

From The Past…

Last year’s Re-Introduction post left off with the announcement of my first poetry collection, Glow Stick, and my plans to acquire either a literary agent or a publisher. Sigh…this is the part I was dreading, because I have neither. I did send out a book proposal to my dream publisher (whose submission guidelines stated no agents required), but while waiting to hear back, I delved further into the “I wrote a poetry book, now what?” rabbit hole of Google and felt increasingly frustrated and deterred.

I knew I wanted the support of a professional team of marketers, designers, etc, as well as the other resources a traditional publisher could provide. Although I’ve tried through trial, error, and tears to grow an online presence, at the end of the day, I still needed some help. The problem with traditional publishing was that it usually required a literary agent to get a foot in the door and most agents didn’t represent poetry books because there’s no money in poetry. Cue frustration, and the image of standing in front of a locked door, no idea how to open it.

To Now

After temporarily quitting the dream of a writing career because I was struggling a lot with my mental health last year and, for the first time in my life, I was struggling with writing itself, I’m back now with the realization that writing will always be what I am meant to do. It’s the only thing that has ever made sense to me, and the only thing I’ve ever felt I could offer to help make a difference. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day, someone might be hurting the same way I am. My words have saved me my whole life, and maybe one day, they might save someone else’s. 

About That Mental Health Though…

One of my biggest milestones last year was when I started therapy, which not only gave me an official Major Depressive Disorder diagnosis, but also helped me refocus on my budding writing career. (You see, this is why I want to go into traditional publishing—I function so much better with professional help!)

What Next?

Well, I’m not giving up on acquiring a literary agent and have finally sent out my first (of many) query letters. I’m also looking into reputable poetry contests to bulk up my writing resume, as well as restarting my research into smaller publishing agencies (I was supposed to do this last year, but…well…yeah.) Last but not least, I will continue to write every day. That’s been a silver lining of this Covid-19 Social Distancing—so much writing time. Here’s hoping my next Re-Introduction post will be in a happier year.

P.S. How is everyone coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing/quarantining that is now daily life for many of us? I’m sure I’m not the only one whose sleep schedule went from a not-bad 12am-7am to a horrid 4am-1pm, thanks to all that anxiety. I’ve also been feeling a little helpless at the news of all the medical supply shortages and aid that our healthcare workers need. Sometimes, I wish I were a doctor or a billionaire, so I could be more useful. I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and sane. I hope we all remember our humanity, and spend a little less time discriminating and a little more time spreading kindness. I hope we make it out the other side without losing too many more lives. 

26 thoughts on “Re-Introducing Me in 2020

  1. I throughly enjoyed your post! You definitely have a lot talent in writing. I hope you continue to write and that you will find a great agent and publisher company for what I’m sure is a Wonderful poetry book! I will definitely be following. There is alot I can learn from you.

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  2. So good to see you back on here, Jade. So sorry to hear you haven’t heard back from your dream publisher D: I guess sometimes that’s the way things goes. It’s great to hear you took time away to reflect and realised writing is what you are meant to be doing. I also had that realisation recently. Having taken a break from no writing, coming back to writing I realise I still want to do it – but not do it 24/7 like I once did.

    My sleep pattern also went from not bad to quite horridly unacceptable. Adjusting back will be so hard!

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    • Haha, it seems we are ALL on the same horridly unacceptable sleep pattern. Thank you for the encouraging comment and I too am glad you took time to reset yourself and your priorities. Sometimes we are so caught up in the grind and the hustle, we forget why we started in the first place. I hope you are able to write as much as your heart desires, Mabel 😊

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  3. Welcome back to writing and good luck with your dreams. If nothing else, there are people out here listening and enjoying and being moved by your words. Shi shi(sp?) for continuing to share your heart with the world through beautiful words. Namaste. ❤

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    • Thank you (谢谢 – xièxiè) for taking the time to leave such a kind comment 💜. I think the world can never have too much poetry and beautiful words. I hope we both continuing writing and sharing our hearts through our words. Take care ~


  4. This is probably one of the most relatable things i’ve read. I am proud of you for actually taking the major steps of asking for help with regards your mental health and putting that first dip into the publishing world. Kudos 👏🏽👏🏽
    I pray the journey is easier for you ❤️

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  5. Oh my dear, Jade. First of all, what a brave soul you are. Bearing it all here with your head held high. Keep them up, darling, you are a fighter and you will forever be.

    ” I’m back now with the realization that writing will always be what I am meant to do. It’s the only thing that has ever made sense to me, and the only thing I’ve ever felt I could offer to help make a difference. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day, someone might be hurting the same way I am. My words have saved me my whole life, and maybe one day, they might save someone else’s. ”

    This part made me tear up because you write the hearts of all writers. We may not be as famous or as “successful” in terms of publishing standards etc., but this is what makes sense to us. This is our contribution. And we will work hard. It may not pay off, but it will be worth it. ❤

    Thank you for writing, my dear Mei. Your pen is special. Never let any failure or “no” tell you otherwise.

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    • Aww Rosema thank you thank you for your friendship and your wonderful comment! I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed. Thank you for your support 💜 Yes, let us both write and work hard and not give up! I know your poetry is meant to be in the world, just as mine is. I hope it will be worth it for us both.

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  6. a very detailed look into the writer’s life and road to publishing, I think you have indeed captured the thoughts and anxieties of many of us. Opening up your heart and soul is such a brave thing to do and I think I have mentioned it before, I am so grateful for getting to know you in person. You continue to inspire me with your words and dreams. you work so hard at being a better person, not realising how great you already are. Those insecurities and depressive cycles don’t define you and you are handling it with grace and elegance.

    It is a challenging time with the virus and shortage of supplies etc. Just focus on what you can do, there is so much we want to but in reality is impossible. Things will be good again one day. Trust that even in your small corner and ways you are helping, it does not take money or expertise, unsolicited kindness is your forte, practice it!

    love and hugs!

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    • Aww thank you for your heartfelt and encouraging words, Gina! I’m so flattered at your very very kind comment. I too am grateful for having the opportunity to befriend you here in WordPress and to meet you in person. Thank you!

      Yes, I will do my small part in this epidemic and stay home and hope that this will be over soon. Love and hugs to you too, my dear friend.

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  7. This hit me so hard 🙈 “My words have saved me my whole life, and maybe one day, they might save someone else’s. ” we share the same dream and also the same goal, (and even the same sleeping schedule lol) well, I’m going for contests too although I’m not quite confident but I’m trying! Good luck to you Jade and please stay safe 🌹

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    • Thank you! It was definitely frightening, but once that email was sent out into cyberspace, a feeling of relief came over me lol. First one is always the hardest to do. If you decide to also query agents soon, I wish you luck!!


  8. Poetry contests and querying literary agents are your best bets.
    Jade, you may be able to find a writing conference in New York (that isn’t too costly).
    Sometimes you can sit with an agent for ten or fifteen minutes, you show them samples
    pitch your ideas and work.

    Shawguides is a good source for these conferences.

    I am doing the same thing for my novels. May start the same with my poetry.

    Best of luck. Really hope you succeed.

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