2020 Magical Readathon: O.W.L.’s

Shoutout to Lexie over at Reading in the Wings for sharing this Harry-Potter-inspired reading challenge and making my inner fangirl ask, “where have I been all this time?”

The Magical Readathon is a two-part reading challenge that transforms the two main exams Hogwarts students take (Ordinary Wizarding Levels and Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) into reading prompts. G aka Book Roast aka the genius behind the Readathon hosts it every year and provides gorgeous printables to guide us along. 

The first part of the Readathon, the O.W.L’s, takes place in April. You pick a Wizarding Career (G provides a stunningly decorated Guidebook of options from Alchemist to Wandmaker), and each career will come with specific subjects or O.W.L’s you need to pass in order to move on to the N.E.W.T’s in August. Passing means you successfully read the books according to the prompts. There are also optional seminars in the Guidebook if you want a little extra challenge. For the full details (and to see her gorgeous printables), check out the website here

I spent a ridiculous amount of time admiring all the details in the Guidebook instead of choosing my career, but it should surprise no one that I have eventually chosen to be…a Journalist/Writer.

According to the Guidebook, I need to pass 3 O.W.L’s in the following subjects in order to be a Journalist/Writer: History of MagicMuggle Studies, and 1 Other Subject of My Picking. I’ll be choosing Charms since it’s my favorite Hogwarts subject. Next, I find the respective prompts for each subject:

  • History of Magic — Witch hunts: book featuring witches/wizards
  • Muggle Studies — Book from a perspective of a muggle (contemporary)
  • 1 Other Subject aka Charms — Lumos Maxima: a book with a white cover

Since this is a pretty easy career with only 3 books to read, I’ve decided to sign up for one of the optional seminars too, specifically the Legal Defense of Fantastic Beasts Seminar

In order to pass the seminar, I need to pass 2 O.W.L.’s in Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic. The History of Magic prompt is the same as above, but this seminar adds a new prompt for me:

  • Care of Magical Creatures — Hippogriffs: A book with a creature with a beak on the cover

And that’s it! How creative is this? The Readathon also comes with a schedule of optional events, such as Instagram Photo Challenge and Quidditch matches on the official Twitter account, as well as book recommendations from fellow participants and a Magical Buddy Read Finder if you prefer to read the same book together with a friend (check those out on the website).

Feel free to share in the comments if you’re participating too and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some books to read!

P.S. All the images in this post are credited to G aka Book Roast. 

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