[Poetry] Safe Space

I promise I’ll lend you my ear,
If you will lend me your honesty.
I promise I’ll listen without judgment,
If you will speak without lies.

This is a place of emotions,
A place where it’s okay to feel,
I promise they won’t hurt you,
I promise neither will I.

Here, you can rant or cry,
Or shout or sigh,
You can release everything
You’re keeping inside—

Now, would you like to tell me
What’s on your mind?

© Jade M. Wong

New. Nowadays, I find myself searching for a safe space.

P.S. Rosema, Maria, and I will be taking a break from the weekly World of Words prompt to recharge and decide on our next step. Thank you to all who have participated and shared in the celebration of poetry and the different languages of the world. 

41 thoughts on “[Poetry] Safe Space

  1. This move me…if we can all be like this…listen without passing judgment …the world would be a far better place…after all false judgement could complicate even the simplest situation.

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  2. Beautiful piece Jade. I think I like it most because a lot of us need someone to talk to, and we don’t have that. Or, in the least, don’t have someone with an open heart for listening. Great write and hope you’re well.

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          • Hmmm. Health issues in summer/fall so had to quit my retail job. B/c of Covid, my charity event working job also has not been possible. But, I’m at home writing, doing my best to help out and to whether the isolation. Things are opening up here, so that’s some relief. But also scary at the same time. At least the weather has been beautiful. I was very happy to come across your writing and see a post from you, keep it up 🙂 Happy Spring lol.

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            • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear it’s been this hard on you, Mandi! If there’s anything I can do, if you need a friend, to talk etc, my private messages are always open for you. I am glad to hear you have been writing, and that the weather is beautiful, which I think helps with one’s mood, right? I am happy to hear from you as well and wish you a stress-free recovery from your health issues, my friend 💜

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              • Hi Jade. Thanks so much. I’ll keep in mind that I can message you on Instagram or private message here somehow. The weather does help. Recovery is slow, but you never know. I just pray to God and he helps me most, along with my friends. Take care and praying for you in your life too.

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