[Poetry] Heavy

The weight of your world
On my shoulders
Placed there with good intentions
And tough love,
The weight of your hopes
And dreams
Bending my back

But as I grew up
I shed you
A piece of a dream
At a time,
Until shoulders light
And back straight
The only life I live
Is my own.

Β© Jade M. Wong

Re-posting an old favorite. How’s everyone doing this week?

58 thoughts on “[Poetry] Heavy

  1. beautiful ❀️…. I think about this often in my life, and the choices that I ultimately made. Actually, the choices I still make, and what dictates them .. I missed seeing your work. I have been MIA for a bit. Glad to run into one of your pieces 😘

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  2. this reminded me of one of our conversations over dinner one night about parental expectations especially Asian parents, well articulated Jade, carrying those burdens seem like a duty but when shed it can allow us to soar even higher – you articulate beautifully

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  3. A beautiful first dVerse poem of the new year, Jade. I felt the weight lifting from my shoulders as I read. I love the gradually shedding, β€˜A piece of a dream / At a time’ and the release and freedom of light shoulders and a straight back.

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  4. Its indeed wonderful to finally live your dreams and make it happen…not the ones our elders expect us to be (well mostly common for most Asian families); not that its bad…but as a mother i believe we should allow our kids to grow on their own and discover the kind of dreams they will dream…

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  5. Expectations of others’, their dreams, their rules, their β€œguidance” can weigh an individual down. And then to shed those layers and be oneself. Back straight, freed from those burdensome expectations. Really good write to the prompt.

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    • Thank you Lillian! So glad you liked the poem πŸ™‚ It can be hard to view guidance in a negative way, especially if it comes from people we love, but it’s always good to remember to stay true to ourselves!


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