Black Lives Matter.

Yesterday was Blackout Tuesday, a day promoted to observe, mourn, and spread policy change in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death (read more here). For many, that meant posting a black square on social media with the hashtag blackouttuesday. For others, myself included, that meant posting resources on where to donate, where to sign petitions, and other related information. I believe silence is violence, and just blacking out social media doesn’t seem to be enough. Today, I share this message with all of you on my blog as well:

Take today to do more. There are numerous ways we can make more of a difference.

1) Make any type of contribution to any bail fund or justice fund (link below).

2) Can’t make a contribution? Use your voice and sign multiple petitions online. They do make a difference, they’re free, and they only take a few minutes (link below).

3) If you can and are able to, stand side by side with your fellow brothers and sisters and peacefully protest. Remember the core issue and what this is all about.

4) Educate yourself on the issue, which our education system has not. It isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t feel terrible for seeking out resources (link below).

5) Become civically engaged, understand the power local and state elected officials have, and reach out to their offices asking what they are doing to help!

6) Use your platforms to educate your loved ones, and amplify the voices of the people affected by this. The people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.

A Few Links:

  • This is a link detailing ways to help and has everything from petitions to donation options to protest information and other resources. It’s a great place to start:
    • I have personally used this link and donated to the Split Donation to 37 Bail Funds option, as well as signed many petitions. 
  • This is a link to Trevor Noah (South African comedian, political commentator, and television host) sharing his thoughts on George Floyd, the Minneapolis protests, the dominos of racial injustice and police brutality, and more. He is eloquent, intelligent, and has a knack for breaking down complicated issues into easy-to-understand metaphors and ideas:

I leave you all with a final reminder to stay safe if you’re protesting (because we are still in a pandemic!) and stay informed. Let’s support each other, because the only true race is the human race.

15 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter.

  1. Great post! Discussing racial issues is tricky because it is such a sensitive subject and it is very polarized, still, I decided to write about it and throw my 5 cents into the mix. I wrote an article recently titled “Unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness looking back at history and where it all started Feel free to check it out.

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