“Home Is Far Away” by Epik High

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Have you ever been stunned at how perfectly a song captured exactly what you were feeling at that exact moment in your life and you wondered if the songwriters were somehow watching you because how else could the song be so emotionally perfect?

And then you replay the song over and over because it’s exactly what you needed to remind you that you are not alone, your feelings are valid, and not to give up.

At this time in my life, that song is Epik High’s “Home Is Far Away” (Photo & Lyrics are credited to Epik High’s music video).

The song is in Korean, but English subtitles are available and translated by one of Epik High’s members, Tablo (who, in my biased opinion, is a lyrical genius and Epik High’s lyrics are one of the main reasons why I love their songs so much):

What was your song?

13 thoughts on ““Home Is Far Away” by Epik High

  1. My song… hmm… I’m not so much a “song as perfect match” type of person. For some weird reason, I sort of do it with weather. It’s strangely specific, down to the clouds, the state of trees, the temperature, the humidity – pretty much everything. I recently experienced a weather that reminded me of a time in undergrad when my boyfriend (now husband) and I would go to the student center and get the most dank cookies ever. I can never re-live that experience, in any sense, because that shop at the student center is gone and the cookies are no more. But that weather is perfect.

    There’s also a weather that reminds me of a fire alarm at school in Kindergarten, but whatever.

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    • There is something about natural weather that stays poignant through our memories and inspires us. I can understand matching songs with weather and then perhaps, matching that with memories and special moments 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, H.R.R.

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    • If you’re into Korean groups, then I highly recommend Epik High. They have such amazing songs.

      I haven’t heard of Pillow Book but thank you for the link. I’m off to listen now!


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