[Poetry] Human

It is easy to look at our humanity
And see all the ways it is cruel.

We are blessed to have someone
With quiet strength and unquestionable courage,
With the grace of a king and the will of a warrior,
To remind us of all the ways
Our humanity is not yet lost.

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Vote. Wear a Mask. Thank you.

One of the best friends, who works in local government and community affairs, decided to take the knowledge she’s acquired and create an accurate and easy-to-understand guide explaining absentee voting. This way, every one of our voices can be heard in the crucial, upcoming United States election on November 3rd.

Since the best friends and I are New Yorkers, the following guide will only be applicable for New Yorkers, specifically for NYC. The absentee voting process works differently outside of NYC, i.e. for Long Island and Upstate New York.

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