Road Trip & Surviving A Ferris Wheel With The Best Friends

If you had known, a year ago, that a global pandemic was coming in 2020, what would you have done differently? Me? I would have tried harder to see the world outside of my apartment.

IMG-20190902-WA0111One of my favorite Outside memories of last year was my weekend trip to Myrtle Beach. Prepare for a quick throwback post, everyone!

The best friends and I drove down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and one of the best friends actually drove the 10+ hours by herself. It was an insane feat, completed with copious cups of coffee, an endless playlist of any songs she requested, and occasional rest stops. What can I say? My best friends and I are a little crazy.

Anyway, behold! Myrtle Beach’s boardwalk, including the famous SkyWheel, one of the country’s tallest ferris wheels.

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I’ve always loved ferris wheels and don’t have a fear of heights, so I had a fantastic time. My best friends, however, had slightly less of a fantastic time.

Best Friend 1: *clutches Best Friend 2’s hand for safety* Jade, can you PLEASE sit still? You’re shaking the whole car!

Me: *simply turns around in my seat* It’s fine, I want to see the view!

Best Friend 2: *shrieks as the passenger car sways in midair* Oh my God, you’re going to make the line snap! 

Me: It’s not moving that much, we’re fine—let me take this photo over here.

Best Friend 1: I swear, if we die, I’m going to kill you! 

I’m happy to report the best friends and I all survived the ferris wheel. Here’s my proof of survival—solo photo op.


And of course, I can’t do a post of Myrtle Beach without actually showing one of its beautiful beaches.


Last but not least, a shoutout to my two best friends, without whom I wouldn’t have enjoyed Myrtle Beach as much as I did. Yes, that is my forehead. I can only do so much with my non-existent photography skills and my best friends look beautiful, so this is the photo we’re keeping.


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer safely. We will beat this pandemic together! Wear your masks, social distance, and wash your hands.

18 thoughts on “Road Trip & Surviving A Ferris Wheel With The Best Friends

    • I did! It was a wonderful time, and hopefully there will be opportunities in the future to take trips like this again, once we get this pandemic under control! Thank you for reading 🙂


  1. i am smiling all throughout this post, dearie. I am so happy you did this with your ladies. Long drives. gaaah. i love them (but cant drive haha) and in the ferris wheel, ill be one of the bestfriends. because it’s scaaaary!

    cheers to having more wonderful time with them. this too shall pass.

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  2. Awweee seeing those smiles, no question you three had a lot of fun! Happy to see you having a great time, Jade. 😀 I am not a big fan of Ferris wheels (a sucker for roller coasters) but I image it’s an awesome overlooking view you’ve had up there. Did you take a quick swim as well?

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    • Ooh I love rollercoasters too! Amusement parks are one of my favorite places to go to. If you ever come to NY, we should take a drive to Six Flags and just ride all the rides to our hearts’ delights!

      Yes, we swam in the beaches!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jadeeee! I Googled Six Flags and now you got me excited with those rides. I would love to do that too, ride until we puke. HAHA.

        Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. 😀

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  3. OMG, yes! 2020 was going to be the year I quite letting my chronic fatigue dictate how often I hung out with friends and I had made plans to meet up with my besties at least every other month. It has really made me appreciate in person get togethers even more. And strangely enough, has me asking why I hadn’t Zoomed with far away friends more often before this!

    Here’s to us all traveling again once we can!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, quarantine has certainly helped us figure out where our priorities lie. I’m glad you are putting in time for the friendships you care about 🙂 And I will cheer for us all being able to travel again one day!


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