[Poetry] Human

It is easy to look at our humanity
And see all the ways it is cruel.

We are blessed to have someone
With quiet strength and unquestionable courage,
With the grace of a king and the will of a warrior,
To remind us of all the ways
Our humanity is not yet lost.

If that person is taken from us,
As all the best souls leave too soon,
Then we must be the best of humanity,
As they were,
For in our quiet strength and unquestionable courage,
In our empathy and our compassion,
They will never truly die.

Our greatest superpower will always be
The power of our humanity.

Β© 2020 Jade M. Wong

Written as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, whose death has affected me more than I expected. The world has lost not just a great actor and inspiration to a generation, but more importantly, just a really good human being. I send my condolences to his family.

To the Black community: I will never truly understand the full impact of Chadwick’s death, but I recognize he shone a powerful light onto Black history and culture, and that he was a hero for your community at a time when the world desperately needs a Black hero. I grieve this immense loss with you in solidarity.

26 thoughts on “[Poetry] Human

  1. A beautifully written tribute, but also just a great reminder to look for the light, always. I really needed to read this today, so thank you for continuing to share your heart and your talent with us.

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  2. This is a poem i would forever remember…one of my favorites Jade..you understanding and compassion for humanity is undeniably profound…

    Keep safe in there and i hope you are well..πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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  3. penned with honesty and sincerity, love and understanding. Loss can be so acute, it hits in the places where you least expect, a thought becomes a thread and you just have to pick it up and go with it. Your heart is so full of compassion for everything in the world, your reverence to a precious life is truly heartfelt, i felt every word in your poem for the loss of this beautiful human.

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