[Poetry] A Heart

I know what lurks beneath
The rippling muscles and silky hair,
I know what’s underneath
The sultry eyes and the way they stare.

He said I was too sweet, 
Too trusting and too prim,
But at least I have a heart that beats
And I can’t say that for him.

© 2020 Jade M. Wong


Having a heart is a strength, not a weakness. Don’t let this world tell you differently.

31 thoughts on “[Poetry] A Heart

  1. “I can’t say that for him” actually a very chilling line. He sounds like the perfect guy but she sees deeper and knows unlike her, he doesn’t have a heart — hence is looks are null. I think she feels a bit of anger here, where I get th ‘chills’ from. As if his cold or nonexistent heart has hurt her very much.

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