[Poetry] Where I Belong

Sometimes life gets in the way,
Sometimes it’s just me.
Sometimes I blink
—and in the blink of an eye—
A day fades to many.

Loud voices that quiet to whispers,
Vivid hues that dull to grey,
And always a sense of something missing
Something lost and gone astray.

But never, it seems, can I forget,
Never can I ignore,
The empty page,
The growing itch,
The voices that implore.

Sometimes I lose my way
And everything comes out wrong.
Sometimes I vow never to come back,
Like this isn’t where I belong.

But it’s here that I found solace
It’s here I watched fears burn.
It’s here I learned
To unlock the doors,
And it’s here I will always return.

© 2020 Jade M. Wong

From my debut poetry collection, Glowstick

Every year, my birthday brings a new wave of existential crisis. This year, I tried to get ahead of the wave with lots of mental and physical cleaning, positive reminders, and relaxation. Alas, it was not enough and I spent the last couple weeks of October trying not to drown.

I stopped writing, I shut myself off, and I clung onto whatever shred of joy I could find to keep me afloat. Forget living, I just needed to survive. What I ended up holding onto was a sweet, fantasy Chinese drama that delivered a romantic escape and a happy ending. Yes, Eternal Love of Dream is just a TV show, but it made me smile and feel like life wasn’t so bad, if I had those episodes to look forward to.

Now, the wave has passed, and I am still here. Back to writing, back to trying, back to where I belong. I hope you are still here too.

19 thoughts on “[Poetry] Where I Belong

  1. The first paragraph is raw and full of emotion, Jade. I can relate to it. ‘Somtimes life gets in the way’ is indeed a thing. When you want to get something done, something in life can come up. It’s happened to me a lot this year especially with that’s going on in the world, and most of the time I have to go along with it – and never to return to what was once was.

    That is great you have come back to writing. Your poetry is brilliant. Keep writing and welcome back. Also Happy Belated Birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment, Mabel. I hope you are able to return to what once was, and if not, then I hope you are on your way a much brighter and happier future 🙂

      Thank you also for the belated birthday wish! It is much appreciated.


      • This year has been weird, and I think moving forward moving on to something else is the way to go for me. As much as I like the past, I think a change will be good.

        Here’s to another lap around the sun for you, Jade. Stay safe 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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